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Update by user Nov 21, 2014

I filed a Complaint with the BBB and its gets reported to the Dealer.

And they called me and we worked out a settlement.

Update by user Oct 19, 2014

With labor Cost It will be over $1200 in cost

They did give me a check for $250 but they still said they hadn't caused the problem.

But I am still out about $900 dollars for a clutch the had low mileage on it and was working fine before they removed it and reinstall it incorrectly!

Update by user Oct 18, 2014

It would be nice if they would at least pay for the labor of a throw out bearing replacement since whoever put my clutch back together messed up and didnt tighten the pressure plates bolts tongue them either or grease anything. Costing me over $800 additional in repairs.

Original review posted by user Oct 18, 2014

I had a new motor installed by Newberg Ford and I had a clutch installed with about 3500 miles it p. When I got the car back the clutch didnt feel right.

I told them abd they said nothing about it. As I put miles in the car it got worse I took it back again and they still wouldn't do anything about it. I drove it on one more drive and now it was squealing loudly and was getting hard to shift.

They Said was probably already bad but it worked fine before they touched it. I had a mechanic pull it apart the throw out bearing was shot no grease on any moving parts and two of the bolts that hold the pressure plate on were loose which makes the contact with the throwout bearing crooked which is what made It we a out and not engage scharbonneau

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